We can do all sorts of minor repairs, restoration and alteration of wooden items, for example:
  • Repair wooden fixtures and fittings in the house damaged or loose skirting, door architraves and casings, banisters or handrails,
  • Repair outdoors woodwork like garden gates, fencing and decking ,
  • Ease and re-hang doors that stick,
  • Fit bolts, catches and security chains, or replace door locks,
  • Even up wonky table or chairs legs,
  • Box in pipework,
  • Assemble and install your flat-pack furniture,
  • Glue loose chairs legs or backs,
  • Repair or replace broken floorboards,
  • Replacing sash window cords,
  • Fitting loft ladders,
  • Installing stair gates,
  • Fence and gate repairs
  • and more.........

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